The course of Fisheries as per week 42/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Higher activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring - less for North Sea herring and mackerel. 

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week it was registered close to 15.000 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring. It was in the Norwegian Sea some 66°N and 2-3°E that most of the herring was caught. Some 1.400 MT were taken in the "Loop Sea", just outside the borderline.
Another field where also catching was performed, is situated further southeast, some 100 n.m. between 64°N and 64° 30'N, and east of 4°E. The size was better here; 320-375 g with an average at 363 g. Some 2.000 MT were reported from this area, grid 0601.
The herring caught in the main field last week, was of smaller size, from 270 - 359 g, with an average at 333 g. The herring was delivered from Løddingen up north and as far south as Skagen in Denmark. The interest is high for all catches available at the auction.
The size of the catches varies dependent on both type of vessel and quota left, from 140 to 860 MT and 25 different vessels participating. Of this year's quota (193.300 MT), there is still some 65.000 MT left including the flex. part.

North Sea herring
Operations were hampered by bad weather by the end of the foregoing week, - while the conditions improved into the beginning of last week. Still it has not been very high activity when it comes to North Sea herring. Some 4.600 MT were registered. - The size of the fish could have been better; sizes from 130-140 g are not very impressive. The catching has been performed in different areas. During the weekend the fleet was operating both in Norwegian and EU waters at 57° 30'N nearby Heimdal. The size was though better; 185-195 g. The average of last week was 148 g. Even if it was from grid 42-14 (Sleipner A and further west, both sides of the border) wherein most catches were found, it was also registrations from grids as far south as 57° 30'N and further north towards 60°N.
The participation was both by purse seiners, coastal vessels and trawlers, and close to 2.000 MT were taken by trawl. Some twenty vessels have been in operation. Two coastal vessels have also been catching in the Oslo Fjord.

Last week's total reached some 15.400 MT, and it was deliveries from foreign vessels which brought the quantity up. During the week the mackerel has moved into EU waters and some of the Norwegian vessels were east of Pentland, fishing in grid 4211-12, 21 and 22. Also foreign trawlers were in this area.
Still there are some catching in Nw waters near 60° 30'N (Viking). The size of the fish is much the same as the week before; 390 g as an average.
In the forthcoming week more scattered catching is expected by Nw vessels as most now have finished their quotas. Though, foreign vessels may still land their catches.

Fishing for indirect consumption
As the catching of Norway pout was stopped in EU waters last week, the catch volume has been significantly reduced; just 800 MT were registered. Part of the fleet normally participating, is now in operation elsewhere.

Other fisheries
Of other fisheries last week, it was reported 70 MT of horse mackerel. The catch was taken west of Bømlo Island and had an average at 330 g.
In the Oslo Fjord a catch of 10 MT fairly big coastal sprat, was registered, - size 48 pcs/kg, - and in Rogaland County; 8 MT by size 47 pcs/kg.
In addition it was registered two catches (70 MT) of North Sea herring in grid 0919 and 20 in the Oslo Fjord/Skagerrak.

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