The course of Fisheries as per week 35/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Foreigners came up with good results for North Sea herring. Mackerel catching mostly by smaller vessels. And - fairly good also when it comes to ocean sprat. 

North Sea herring
The grand total last week was 8.000 MT of North Sea herring.  Mainly foreign vessels have contributed to this result; 6.300 MT. Norwegian vessels had 1.100 MT caught in Skagerrak and 400 MT taken in the EU zone. At the coast of Sogn, smaller coastal vessels caught 230 MT.
The foreign vessels have taken their entire volume in the area 42-44 between Shetland and the Orkneys. These vessels were operating with trawl and are reporting of high volumes being observed. The herring is fairly good sized; some 220 g. The herring proves to have the right maturity for roe production, and with a good market, this also give higher values.
In Skagerrak both catching and size have varied. The size has been from 120 g in the low end to 175 g at the best. In this area there is just a low quota left, and the two vessels still in operation, are expected to take their part in a short while. The herring along the coast is also fairly good sized; 240 g, and the fishermen report promising observation in the area off Selje, Vågsøy Island and Bremanger.
In the forthcoming week we expect a lower quantity as also foreign vessels now are about to fulfill their quotas.

The catching of mackerel is mainly carried out from Rogaland to Møre counties. Last week the smaller vessels were the most active part of the fleet. The quantity last week amounted to 400 MT being penned-in, - and about the same volume for the trailers. The main reason for rather modest volumes is that several smaller vessels now have finished their part, combined with harsh weather and mackerel not being easy to get. Vessels operating in the vicinity of Oseberg, report of better sized mackerel than fish closer to shore, but again just modest volumes.
Seismic shooting in the area is probably not improving the results.
Last year we got the very first catch from the Norwegian Sea by 8th of September. Both from Iceland and the Faroe isles it is told that the mackerel is somewhat late this season. Faroese vessels have been fishing in an area from N 63° 30', W 02° 00' and "Jupiter" came up with the best catch; 900 MT being landed at the Faroe isles.
Following a good market in the Far East, we do hope for a good season, with good quality and mackerel of the right size.

Ocean sprat
Six Norwegian vessels and one foreign contributed to the best week so far this season, totalling 3.800 MT. The catching is carried out in both German and Dutch zone in the southern part of the North Sea. While previously operating with seine, the catching now has been by trawl.
All catches are sold for reduction purposes.

Fishing for indirect consumption
The fleet catching Norway pout/blue whiting has been operating in two areas. The main part was taken at the edge, catching both white fish and fish for reduction purposes. Some vessels, however, have also been in activity east off Shetland in the EU zone. In this area Norway pout has been the dominating species, reaching as much as 800 MT.
Last week 2.000 MT of Norway pout were registered together with close to 1.100 MT of blue whiting.

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