The course of Fisheries as per week 36/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The mackerel season has started for open sea vessels, - and smaller vessels have started their season for coastal sprat.
Less North Sea herring from foreign vessels, - lower activity and fewer deliveries from vessels catching ocean sprat.  - Steady for vessels aiming for indirect consumption purposes.

This season's first catches of mackerel by open sea vessels were registered last week. The volume reached 1.135 MT shared on four catches. The catching took place in an area a little north of 64°N 30' and just east of the 0° (grid 3013). The quality of what has been delivered is good with just minor stomach content.  The average size was from 378-399 g.
So far just a few vessels have started, while in the forthcoming week significant higher activity is expected.
The coastal fleet's activity in areas closer to shore has been at a level as seen in previous weeks. Some 435 MT were registered. The size has been between 225-380 g. - The grand total reached; 1.570 MT.

North Sea herring
The total volume of North Sea herring last week was close to. 3.000 MT, including two catches caught in Skagerrak.
The high volumes being landed by foreign vessels a few weeks ago, are reduced; just 2.625 MT by these group of vessels last week. Their catching of herring took place north of the Orkneys with an average size from 190-230 g. Two Nw purse seiners reported of two catches in Skagerrak, amounting to 500 MT, sized from 80-165 g. The quota in this area is about to be concluded and further catching was stopped on Monday last week.
Also coastal vessels have been catching herring, as much as 145 MT being penned-in. The size varies from 210-280 g, caught in an area from Bremanger and further south to Bømlo Islands.

The season for fishing coastal sprat had also its start last week, totalling 650 MT. The catching has been performed in the Sogne Fjord and volumes vary from 5 - 40 MT. The size has been good; from 99 - 127 pcs/kg. The vessels are reporting good observations, which lead on to a good season.
Ocean sprat was totalling 3.900 MT last week. 1.000 MT came from a Danish vessel. One Nw vessel is now (Sunday night) in operation fairly far south in the North Sea from 54°N and northwards. 2.850 MT are still left of the quota. - Vessels still to catch will thus have some 2.000 MT left altogether.

Fishing for indirect consumption
The fleet catching for indirect consumption, reported last week some 3.259 MT of various species; 750 MT of horse mackerel, 1.140 MT of blue whiting, 900 MT of Norway pout and 400 MT of Nw Silver herring/silver smelt. 750 MT of Norway pout have been caught in the EU zone while the remaining part has been caught along the edge in Nw zone.

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