The course of Fisheries as per week 37/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The mackerel catching in the Norwegian Sea is in progress.

The season is well started and we have behind us the best week so far with 28.000 MT registered. The best single day was Friday; 27 vessels delivered 9.200 MT altogether.
The catches in open sea were taken in the same area as last year in September; i.e. the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, some 160-180 n.m. northwest of Møre.
The fishermen are reporting lots of mackerel in periods and some sweeps have contained close to 750 MT. The weight has been from 350 g to 427 g at the most. The average came out with 385 g, being 10 g lower compared to week 37 last year. For the smaller coastal vessels trailing and penning-in, the week was moderate. In periods the weather has
been hampering the operations.
The market is good and there have been deliveries from Egersund in the south to Værøy Island in the north. To find higher prices per kilo for mackerel, we have to go back to 2011. Then the mackerel was better sized, but considering the øre/gram regime, the prices are higher now. As from today the dynamic minimum price is activated, and in the forthcoming week the price is 2,7046 øre/gram.
In the forthcoming week, we expect a growing number of vessels to join in for the mackerel. Normally the weeks now ahead of us are the busiest. Hopefully there will be good conditions for everyone taking part.

Ocean sprat
From five Norwegian vessels and one foreign vessel we registered 3.300 MT of ocean sprat last week. The activity is carried out in Dutch sector in the southern part of the North Sea. All catches were taken by trawl.
The quota ceiling of 20.000 MT is coming closer with just 500 MT still left. One Norwegian vessel is still at the field hoping for a quick termination.
All catches were sold for meal&oil purposes.

Costal sprat
From the Sogne Fjord 550 MT of sprat were registered, (Vik, Sogndal and Aurland communities). The catching has been very good compared with previous years and as a total, close to 1.200 MT were caught in the Sogne Fjord. On Sunday night there was a blocking line set in the fjord to prevent catching sprat not suitable for the market.

North Sea herring
Just a modest volume last week; 190 MT. The herring was divided on penned-in herring caught along the coast, and herring being by-catch when catching Norway pout in the EU zone.
Foreign vessels previously delivering herring now more or less have got their quotas and have concluded.

Fishing for indirect consumption
Vessels trawling in different areas in the North Sea had a fairly good week, coming up with a total of 4.700 MT, "all sorts". Norway pout was registered with 2.500 MT. Most of it taken in the EU zone at "Fladen" and close to the Bressay "pit". Highest volume was 600 MT.
Other species for industrial usage were: 1.000 MT of blue whiting, some 900 MT of horse mackerel and 200 MT of silver smelt. 

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