The course of Fisheries as per week 38/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Intensive mackerel catching, remaining part of the Norwegian ocean sprat quota is taken, a Norwegian purse seiner got North Sea herring and a Danish vessel got sardines. More moderate catches by the fleet fishing for indirect consumption, - and finally, low results when it comes to coastal sprat.

Close to 52.700 MT of mackerel were reported last week, just a few hundred MT below the results of the foregoing week being the best so far. The operations have been carried out southeast of the "loop sea", grid 3013 and 14, some 200 n.m. northwest of Ålesund. One catch was taken further northeast, grid 3701. A vessel passing further north for delivery, hit fish also in this area. The size of the fish originating from the outer fields was in the range of 358 - 420 g, - the average at 384 g. The quality is good, but some catches have stomach contents. However, not more than just about ten catches of a grand total of 230.
The fish taken closer to shore is smaller; 220 -310 g - with an average at 254 g.

North Sea herring
As foreign vessels now have finished their quotas, it has been a quiet week when it comes to North Sea herring. Last week just one Norwegian vessel got 560 MT caught in the EU zone at Fladen, grid 4323. Average weight was 184 g.
Along the coast from Vågsøy Island southwards to the community of Kvinnherad, 10 penned-in catches were registered - 85 MT altogether. The size varied from 225 to 295 g. Industrial fishing has in addition reported 40 MT of North Sea herring as bycatch when trawling for other species.

Costal sprat
Following the blocking line set in the Sogne Fjord, the catching has ceased. The canned sprat producer, King Oscar, has generally got the quantity needed related to two-layer sprat production, and the fleet is now chasing sprat of bigger size. Both Nordfjord and Hardanger are areas where it is expected a potential for sprat. - So far with no success. In the Oslo Fjord it is reported one catch (25 MT) of big sprat; 46 pcs/kg. This catch was delivered to a buyer in Sweden.

Fishing for indirect consumption
Last week the last part of ocean sprat quota was taken; 550 MT were registered. The quota account tells now 'zero', or more precisly, just a minor part being overfished. Of other species were reported 2.360 MT of Norway pout, (1965 MT taken in the EU zone), 250 MT of horse mackerel, 420 MT of blue whiting and 90 MT of silver smelt. In addition a Danish vessel reported 850 MT of sardines. This catch was taken far south in the Channel, just north of 49° 30' N, some 3° W.

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