The course of Fisheries as per week 15/2017

Published: by Line Dale Nilsson

17.500 MT of blue whiting during the Easter week, - and some activity for mackerel to be penned in.

Blue whiting
The activity has been performed in an area 35 n.m. south-west of St. Kilda along a depth of 500 m onward to 70 n.m. south of St. Kilda. As a total 14 catches were taken with volumes from 260 – 2.300 MT; totaling 17.490 MT. One catch was delivered in Killybegs, one in Skagen and the remaining in Norway.

From a waiting time for several days by the beginning of the period, it is now close to no waiting at all for delivery. The prices; mainly from NOK 1,37-1,39.

Penned-in mackerel
Two catches last week; one at Bømlo Island and one in Tysvær; altogether 4,5 MT. One of the catches (3,5 MT) was sold as fresh, while the other so far is not yet sold.


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