The course of Fisheries as per week 16/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The sand eel season has started, while for the blue whiting fisheries west of St. Kilda, there are just small quotas left for the vessels. 

Sand eel
On 15th of April the season started for Norwegians fishermen, and as soon as the Easter holydays were over, the operations started. At the West Bank, there were made some observations followed by some good catches. Some vessels are though on their search elsewhere, but not with great success. As a total some 9.000 MT are registered, of which 7.000 MT from Nw vessels and 2.000 MT from two foreign vessels. The foreign vessels were operating in a field south of 56̊ N and 1̊ E. The size of the fish is not better than it needs to be, but as well known, the species of sand eel is growing fast both in size and fat content. Accordingly, there is a price regulation every week with increasing price levels as the weeks are going by. 13 of the 28 vessels having a quota are, or have been at the field during last week.

Blue whiting
13.355 MT of blue whiting were registered last week, of which some 300 MT were taken at the “edge”. The remaining part was taken west of St. Kilda. 12 vessels have participated and reported their catches, most of them for the last time this season.
In the forthcoming week, we expect a very low activity for the blue whiting.

Other fisheries
Of other fisheries two penned-in catches of horse mackerel were registered totaling 20 MT in addition to some bycatch of horse mackerel for industrial usage. Some penned-in catches of mackerel have also been taken, - 4 MT.

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