The course of Fisheries as per week 5/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The Atlanto Scandic herring is on its move southwards. Good sized capelin at Iceland.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Volumes considered, we had a week with the same quantities as seen over the last couple of weeks, totaling 25.700 MT registered. The volume was divided by 9.900 MT for the coastal fleet, purse seiners 5.700 MT and trawlers 5.400 MT. Four foreign vessels contributed with 4.700 MT.
By beginning of the week the operations took place in two main areas. One area some 50 n.m. southwest of Røst Island, another some 25 n.m. northwest of Træna isles. During the week the vessels moved quickly southwards and on Friday the catching was performed west of the town Sandnessjøen. On Sunday night the trawlers were operating near Sklinna, 60 n.m. further south. Obviously the herring is “in a hurry” when migrating towards the spawning fields.
The herring leading on is of good size; from 260 – 362 g. The average size; 341 g.
Following an increasing level of roe content and a decreasing fat percentage, the quality is falling. This fact combined with a moderate to low market demand, bring about falling prices. Several vessels have accordingly chosen to cease catching of herring, postponing further catching until autumn.
Following the high speed of the herring, it will most likely be at the spawning fields in the vicinity of Møre in a few days. Last year the first catch was made on 13th of February.

When the Greenland trawler “Polar Amaroq” started the catch of capelin northeast of Langanes, several Norwegian vessels also headed for the capelin. Norwegian vessels have through the weekend caught 3.600 MT in the same area off Langanes.
The capelin is of unusual size from these waters, mixed catches were from 31-36 psc/kg. The roe maturation was 11-12 %. Based on these facts, the market is good and prices are high for consumption purposes. - There is challenge though in stock content in some of the catches, leading to catches being rejected for consumption purposes.
By Sunday night the vessels moved further west to search for alternative capelin.
As a total 21 vessels now are heading for capelin. Even more vessels are expected to join in. However, weather might be a challenge as the forecast for the area is not the best with strong winds in days ahead.

From the foreign vessels catching mackerel, we have this season’s lowest volume; just 3.100 MT. This volume was shared by three different catches from 800 – 1.170 MT with a size from 330 - 373 g.
The mackerel is as previously taken in an area north and west of the Hebrides.
In the forthcoming week we do not expect a lot of mackerel to be landed in Norway.

Blue whiting
Two vessels are heading for the blue whiting west of Ireland. “Åkerøy” being the very first, got 1.400 MT on Sunday, whilst the other vessel decided to go to Iceland as there was a storm coming up at the blue whiting field.

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