The course of Fisheries as per week 6/2017

Published: by Hilde Færø

Capelin catches near Iceland fairly good but weather dependent, - the very first catch of blue whiting this season, - first catches of Atlanto Scandic herring at “Buagrunnen” - and still some mackerel delivered by foreign vessels.

Some 12.800 MT of capelin were registered last week. The volume could have been higher if the weather had been better. Following catches of capelin the foregoing week northeast of Langanes, the weather conditions later forced vessels not being in or close to port, to go further west for the fish. Here they hit big sized capelin without stomach content, some 40 as mixed average and a roe percentage of 12-13. The buyers were highly interested, the trouble was however, that from Langanes and southwards the weather was hampering transport of fragile fish. On Friday the weather conditions again allowed the fleet to fish northeast of Iceland, but the capelin caught had stomach feed and was not fit for direct human consumption. North of Iceland there was taken a few catches, and four vessels having their quota on board, were sold to Norway. Of this year’s quota of 40.000 MT, 15.500 MT have been caught so far.
Atlanto Scandic herring
When it comes to the Atlanto Scandic herring just a limited number of vessels were operating, and most of them coastal vessels. Last week’s volume came out with 9.200 MT shared on all group of vessels including a foreign one. The catching has taken place from Træna isles in the north to the fields off Møre. Observations reported indicate small quantities in southern waters, f.i. at “Buagrunnen”, but it is expected that the volumes will rise. The size, with a few exceptions, has been 330 g as an average. Best size; 362 g, - in the lower end; 300 g. In the forthcoming week activity is expected at fields off Møre. This herring has the highest grade of maturation and thus is best fit for roe production.

Blue whiting
On Monday last week the very first catch of blue whiting was reported from “Åkerøy”; 1.420 MT. The fish was taken in EU waters in an area north of the 53rd degree and 4-5 ̊ W. As a total, 3.270 MT have been registered and it is said to be good observations and good catching conditions. The following vessel at the field was operating a bit further southwest, grid 4803. A third vessel has also arrived and more vessels are expected to head southwest towards the fields west of Ireland.

Last week gave just two catches of mackerel, accumulating to 820 MT, - caught by foreign vessels. The size was fairly good; from 395-400 g. The catches were taken west of Barra Head, the southern peak of the Hebrides, grid 4332. It is uncertain whether there will be any more mackerel this season.

Horse mackerel
Last week gave 80 MT of horse mackerel from southern part of Hordaland County.

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