The course of Fisheries as per week 7/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Very good week for capelin near Iceland. Moderate activity for herring at Møre.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As expected, the volume fell last week; total volume came out with 7.900 MT. The coastal fleet contributed with 4.900 MT, three trawlers with 1.300 MT and from four Irish vessels 1.700 MT were registered.
The catching has, as is normal during this part of the year, taken place at the well-known field of “Buagrunnen”. The availability of herring has in periods been very good, - the challenge being to find the right moment for catching.
The herring being caught is the herring also leading on migration southwards, and the size is accordingly good with weights as high as 365 g.
The market is though limited with just a few buyers at the auctions. This is mainly plants being in position to produce roe.
The activity will in the forthcoming week still be reduced and just modest volumes of herring are expected.

A remarkable week for the capelin near Iceland, amounting to 37.900 MT registered. We have to go back till 2012 and capelin in the Barents Sea to find a matching volume for one single week. That year however, the total catch reached almost 230.000 MT of capelin in the Barents Sea.
On Wednesday Iceland increased the quota for capelin from 57.000 MT to as much as 299.000 MT, giving Norwegian fishermen and extra quota of 19.000 MT.
The catching has been performed in two main areas. One field at the north side off Akureyri and another one on the eastern side from west of Seydisfjord and further south to the border at 64̊ N 30’.
The market has been good for capelin fit for direct human consumption and we have seen record high prices early in the week. When the quota increase was known, there was a reaction in the market and prices were adjusted somewhat, but prices are still high.
All catches have been sold for consumption and the quality has been good. From some areas though, the capelin had stomach content. - It is a challenge when some catches are rejected for consumption purposes.
It still remains some 5.500 MT of the quota, and on Sunday night nine Norwegian vessels were in operation at the field. The last day of operations is on Wednesday, so hopefully the quotas are fulfilled by that time. A challenge is the weather forecast of strong winds on Tuesday.

Blue whiting
As the main fleet has capelin “on its mind”, just a few vessels have been in search for the blue whiting. – Four catches amounting to 6.600 MT.
Three catches were taken west of Porcupine in the EU zone and another further southwest in international waters.
The reports tell of good observations and vessels are filled fairly quickly. The price is though significantly lower for reduction purposes compared to the previous year. The reason is a slower market globally for meal&oil and higher quotas.
In the period to come, more vessels will be heading for the blue whiting and volumes caught will increase.

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