The course of Fisheries as per week 8/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Blue whiting fisheries west of Ireland well started, whilst the capelin fisheries near Iceland is over. – The same goes for Atlanto Scandic herring.

On Wednesday at midnight the 22nd of February, the capelin season near Iceland was over. The aggregated volume reached 59.100 MT, of which 4.920 MT were registered last week. Thus the season is over, a season being very good for most participants and surprisingly good when it comes to quotas and price.
The total quota was 59.474 MT, and accordingly there is a tiny part left. The last sales documents are not yet ready, so changes may occur. Over the last days the weather has been difficult having an impact on the final results. During the last part of the season, the catches were mainly sold and delivered in Norway, however not with the best results for everyone. Bad weather when crossing, and some catches with stomach content, was damaging for some of the vessels.  To cross from Iceland to Norway with fresh RSW-cooled fish on board might be a risky business, and you need a portion of luck both with weather and stomach content (in the fish) to finally succeed. It is quite understandable that the fishermen are skeptical to such gambling when the fish still contains bait and the weather forecast promises strong winds.

Blue whiting
18.210 MT of blue whiting divided on 12 catches is what we see in the journal from last week. After finishing the capelin season, the participation for blue whiting increased significantly, and on Sunday some ten vessels were in operation west of the Porcupine Bank, - in international waters north of 53̊ N and west 16̊ W. In periods the catching has been very good, enabling vessels to fill up in less than 24 hrs., - but the weather is changing all the time with the difficulties implied.
The catches have been delivered in Killybegs and Norway. One catch was delivered for consumption purposes in Killybegs, however the size was not the best with an average at 145 g.
In the forthcoming week we expect high activity, but weather conditions for the nearest days are not the best. This hampers the fishing activity.

Atlanto Scandic herring
It is also over when it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring. Just 895 MT were delivered last week, and the processors cease receiving any more. 144.100 MT of the Norwegian quota are then registered and documented. This means that 311.756 MT are left including the “flex. quota”.

Horse mackerel
Also last week horse mackerel was penned-in; one catch of 30 MT taken in Vindafjord (Rogaland County). The size; 450 g as an average, - and sold to “Skude Fryseri.”

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