Minumum prices for Norwegian spring-spawning herring

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

Here are the new minimum prices for Norwegian spring-spawning herring valid from January 9 2017

From Monday, January 9 2017, the following minimum prices are valid for Norwegian Spring-spawning (NVG) herring for consumption purposes.
Group 1 (herring weighing 350 g or more):               NOK 5,43 pr kg
Group 2 (herring weighing between 300 g og 348 g): NOK 5,20 pr kg
Group 3 (herring weiging between 200 g og 299 g):   NOK 4,91 pr kg
Group 4 (herring weiging between 125 g og 199 g):   NOK 4,24 pr kg
Group 5 (sild weighing 125 g or less):                       NOK 3,61 pr kg
For mackerel and North Sea Herring there were no changes in minimum prices from the previous week since there was not enough quantity ( minimum 5,000 tonnes) to justify any changes

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