The course of Fisheries as per week 2/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Catching of Atlanto Scandic can look back on a very good week, especially up north, whilst the fleet hunting mackerel in the west, was hampered by weather.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As much as 42.800 MT were registered last week and the major part was taken in the neighborhood of Tromsø by the coastal fleet. Last week was favorable for all vessels, except maybe for those practicing shore seines being dependent on herring to stay close enough to shore.
The sharing between the different groups of vessels was 10.900 MT to purse seiners and trawlers and 31.900 MT to the coastal fleet. The major part was caught in the vicinity of Tromsø, but some smaller catches were also taken in Lofoten and at the west coast.
The size of the herring in northern areas varied from 275 g to 350 g, with an average at 320 g. The herring from Lofoten; 270 g and further south; in the range from 200-238 g.
The good results also bring along that the plants receiving the herring are struggling to keep up with the magnitude of catches, and accordingly there has been some time for waiting – as much as 72 hrs. Those penning-in the herring have been assisted by transport capacity from other vessels. Buyers have been found from Tromsø to Denmark.
From the Norwegian Sea, i.e. in an area 60 to 130 n.m. west and northwest of Skomvær Island, 17 catches have been reported, amounting to 9.925 MT. The activity in the area has been partly hampered by weather, and just 20 vessels are or have been in this area last week. The catches varied from 130 to 1000 MT and the size was from 320 -367 g. The herring is staying fairly deep and both purse seine and trawl have been utilized. On Sunday night three vessels were in the field.
In the forthcoming week it is still expected to be a high activity, especially along the coast. - What is more uncertain is of course the weather conditions.

Last week the weather was a hindrance when catching mackerel in western waters. As from Tuesday until Sunday there were no registrations, but as a total, still close to 10.600 MT were reported. Mainly it has been foreign vessels reporting their catches; 9.700 MT, – and 900 MT from Norwegian vessels. The catching area has been northwest of the Hebrides, grid 43-73/43-82. The size has been from 355 to 410 g with 372 g as an average. If weather conditions improve, more catches of mackerel to be delivered in Norway are expected in the week to come.

North Sea herring
Just two catches of North Sea herring last week; altogether 350 MT. The catches were taken in area 42-43 (Forty mile Ground). The size varied from 125-147g and the catches were sold both in Norway and Denmark.
In the forthcoming week the activity for North Sea herring is expected to be quite modest.

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