The course of Fisheries as per week 4/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another average week for Atlanto Scandic herring, good for mackerel despite unfriendly weather for all pelagic fisheries.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Some 26.000 MT were the outcome last week of Atlanto Scandic herring. Harsh weather during parts of the week explains why the volume didn’t get higher. Both fisheries in the Troms’ fjords and in open sea were hampered by weather, and operations stopped for several days.
Of the above quantity, close to 10.500 MT were taken in Troms. The size is getting smaller, varying from 264 to 345 g. The average; 313 g. This is a normal consequence as the herring starts to migrate.
For the fleet operating some 40 n.m. southwest of Røst Island, the size was better; from 300-360 g with an average at 343 g. Of 15.300 MT, 4.900 MT was taken by purse seiners, 7.150 MT by trawlers and 1.250 MT by the coastal fleet.
Also foreign vessels have taken part and came up with 1.980 MT. This volume was taken by trawlers in the same waters as were the Nw vessels.
When it comes to activity along the coast, that is in Troms County, it seems like the season is mainly over now. Just a few vessels are still left and reports are telling us that there is almost no herring left. Following the fact that the herring is migrating, this is normal. What is more surprising is that there has been no herring observed further south in the Vesterålen area as the herring moves southwards. If this is due to low quantities or that the herring has chosen to move off the coast, is not known. Both theories are possible.
I addition to what has been mentioned above, one catch was taken in West Lofoten; 260 MT of herring (295 g), - and at Møre 6 minor catches altogether 90 MT (200 g).
If weather improves and the operations are not hampered, another good week is expected, especially southwest of Røst Island. This herring is expected to move further south and closer to coast.

Some 15.600 MT were registered last week; - by foreign vessels only. Thirteen different catches were reported varying from 620 to 2.050 MT, and the size being between 370 and 408 g.
All catches were taken northeast of the Hebrides, grid 43/73-74, - the same area as last week. The catching is performed to the east and deliveries are expected to be in Norwegian ports.

North Sea herring
The fleet operating in open sea has reported one catch of North Sea herring; 660 MT. The size was between 135 and 143 g and it was taken in Nw waters, grid 08/55. In addition, 30 MT have been penned-in in Rogaland County. The size was small and the herring best suited for reduction purposes.

Horse mackerel
Also last week some horse mackerel was penned-in; five catches altogether 86 MT. The catches were taken in the communities of Etne, Tysvær and Vindafjord. Average size; 500 g.

Other businesses
On Thursday it was known that there was declared a capelin quota in the vicinity of Iceland this season. The total quota is 57.000 MT, of which some 40.000 MT will be allocated to Norway. The catching will start today, Monday 30th of January, but some formalities were still not in place late yesterday. On Sunday night there were not yet any vessels heading for Iceland.


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