The course of fishery as per week 26/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still some North Sea herring, - the first catches of mackerel taken up north, some Atlanto Scandic herring – and some higher volumes for indirect consumption. 

North Sea herring
10.900 MT of North Sea herring were registered last week, some 3.000 MT more than during the foregoing week. The conditions have varied over the week, best during the first part, while Thursday and Friday were more moderate. On Saturday catching again improved with some good catches.
Even if the area for operations has been wide, it was mainly in northern parts, from south of Oseberg and northwards, the fishing has been taken place. This is where the best size was found, and probably also with the best gathering. However, some catches were also taken further south, in the Heimdal – Frigg area. In this area, the size came out with 189 g as an average, - in the range from 178 -195 g. In the northern field the size was between 190 and 215 g, - the average; 204 g. 22 different vessels represented 39 registered catches last week.
Buyer’s interest is still good, but as from this weekend onwards, several plants will be closing for summer vacation. Further info can be found at our web site. Some plants will despite vacation time, keep open. – If herring is available, that is.
As should be known, the auction in Egersund (displayed catches), came to an end last weekend. Some vessels are still heading for Skagen and the auction there. Some 2.000 MT have been sold or are on its way to this auction. In the forthcoming week, we expect still some activity, though less.

Last week we got this season’s first catches of mackerel in North Norway. Not very impressive volumes, just some 40 MT shared on 6 catches. The mackerel being registered was from 420 – 460 g, and one vessels reports that at in the samples they found fish in the range from 300 to 700 g.
Whether this is the start of more mackerel to be found, is highly uncertain to say. The vessels report that they observed a lot of mackerel on Saturday. We can hope that this is a positive indication of what might come later. The number of vessels in activity is now reduced, as several vessels already have turned home or headed for a port somewhere else. It is said to be vessels in the area from Nappstraumen and eastwards to Moholmen/Skrova. Hopefully they will have some success.
On the west coast, from Roan in the north to Strand further south, 130 MT have been penned-in. Of this 50 MT have been penned-in to be sold for freezing, while the remaining 80 MT are meant for the fresh fish market. The fresh catch sales are still good; some 100 MT were sold. On Sunday, just some 140 MT were still penned-in.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Close to 550 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were caught last week. 8 catches were taken in Lofoten, off Ballstad/Nusfjorden, grid 48, - while one catch of 185 MT was taken at the coast of Trøndelag. The herring from Lofoten kept an average of 300-320 g, while the herring from Trøndelag, had an average of 220 g. Some 130 MT of the total volume have been produced as bate.

Industrial catching
2.640 MT of different species were registered from the “edge” last week; being 1.100 MT of blue whiting, 1.200 MT of Norway pout, 180 MT of horse mackerel and 160 MT of silver herring/argentine. 8 vessels have participated. For most vessels, this is a combined type of fishing where also white fish for direct consumption purposes is being caught.

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