The course of Fisheries as per week 12/2017

Published: by Line Dale Nilsson

Another week with a high volume of blue whiting, - the best this season

Some 61.000 MT of blue whiting were registered last week, representing the best week this season when it comes to volumes.
The operations have been performed at three different places; 25.310 MT caught at Porcupine, 18.350 MT taken south of St. Kilda and 17.420 MT in a field situated some 150 n.m. southwest of the St Kilda area.

The high activity led to some waiting in Norway also last week. The last catches being sold at the auction, will not be unloaded until Thursday; nearly 72 hrs. of waiting.
In addition to plants in Norway producing as mush as they’re able to, catches have also been sold to Denmark and Iceland, and some catches have also been landed in Killybegs.

In the forthcoming week, high activity is still expected, and even if a dozen vessels now have fulfilled their quotas, there are still quotas left for others. The remaining quota is still close to 18.500 MT, flex. part included. The signals received from plants in Norway, indicate that most of them will stay open producing during the week leading up to Easter.

Other fisheries
Of other fisheries, it was registered just 50 MT of horse mackerel, last week. These were catches taken in communities in Hordaland county, being delivered at Skude.


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