The course of Fisheries as per week 9/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The blue whiting fisheries in the Atlantic at full speed. 

Blue whiting
It is all about blue whiting in the pelagic fisheries now. Last week became a peak week with a total amounting to 56.600 MT. This volume was shared on 33 different vessels giving an average of 1.700 MT.
By the beginning of the week, the fleet was hampered by stormy weather. However, during a period with better conditions, the fishing was very good, and the vessels were filled quickly and by short hauls. It was said single hauls came close to 900 MT.
It was quite special last week that the activity was over a huge area - in both international waters and EU waters. In the southern end operations were at 50̊ N, while in the north end it was close to 54̊ 15’ N. If we compare this area to the North Sea, it corresponds to an area equal to the entire west coast of Norway.
All catches were sold to indirect consumption, i.e. reduction purposes. The buyers were both Norwegian and Danish plants. The prices are though significantly lower than last year when the average throughout the year came out with NOK 2,74. The main reasons are a general fall in the global markets and the quota situation in the Atlantic.
Buyers in Killybegs have shown their interest for blue whiting for consumption purposes, but the size has been too small. Hopefully the vessels will find more attractive sizes later this season.
In the forthcoming week, we expect more vessels to take part and hopefully the weather may improve west in the Atlantic.

Horse mackerel
Last week again, the vessels “Solfisk”, “Øyasund” and “Joton” have been into the fjords of west Norway looking for horse mackerel. As a total these three vessels got 170 MT of this popular species. The activity has been in the communities of Etne, Kvinnherad and Tysvær. As usual the fish was good sized; from 380 -550 g.

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