The course of the Fisheries as per week 11/2017

Published: by Line Dale Nilsson

Blue whiting fisheries in the EU zone is what calls attention.

Blue whiting
Last week came out with some lower volume than what we have seen over the two previous weeks; 41.700 MT. The volume was shared on 27 vessels with catches from 400 to 2.400 MT.
All catches were taken in the EU zone west of Ireland. By beginning of the week, the activity took place northwest of the Porcupine, while during the weekend, the operations have been from the edge at the northern side of the bank and further north some 100 n.m. as far as to 55° 30’N. A number of vessels have also passed the area southwest of St. Kilda, but so far observations have not yet led to any fishing here. The blue whiting is now on its move northwest and this normally indicates a more uneven catching off Ireland. Where the fishermen earlier got easily filled up, now it is far less in the hauls and they are longer.
All catches have been sold to meal&oil purposes to factories both in Norway, Denmark and the Faroe isles. Even if the volumes are lower, there is still some waiting before unloading, up to 24 hrs. Buyers in Killybegs are reporting they are still interested in blue whiting for consumptions purposes. They also tell that fish by size of just 100 g is of interest. Hopefully some vessels will catch this opportunity.
Looking at the quotas, we now see that 182.000 MT of a total quota amounting to 411.000 MT now have been caught. Some vessels have already taken their quotas, but new vessels are joining, thus there is still expected high activity in the forthcoming weeks.

Horse mackerel
The vessels “Øyatun” and “Joton” have also last week been chasing the horse mackerel in the fjords of western Norway. 40 MT of horse mackerel by good size have been the result from the community of Kvinnherrad.


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