Regulation of Sandeel Fisheries

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

We refer to the previously issued message on the regulation of fishing for sandeel from Monday 15.05.17. after a fishing stoppage for a few days;

“Regulation of the fishery for sandeel is introduced today.

There has been institutet a  regulated start-up of Sandeel Fisheries today.

1. Vessels waiting for turn before the fish -stoppage was put in effect  were given first priority for launch of new trip.

2.Vessels already on the fishing grounds  with catch on board were given second priority

3.Vessels with more than 70% of the original quota left, before the (Norwegian) expansion of the quota, were given third priority

4. Other vessels were then given permission to leave after a draw of turn. 

Norges Sildesalgslag will contact the individual vessels to report notification of compliance with the above rules.

After unloading each catch, vessels are required to wait for 48 hours before leaving port for next fishing trip for sandeel.,

Now all the vessels that have entered under points 1 to 4 on the launch list have gotten their first turn after the fishing-stoppage. . All others/new vessels wishing to sell sandeel through Norges Sildesalgslag must sign up to the Sales Office on + 47 55 54 95 50 or by mail [email protected] to enter the sailing list. This must be done before the vessel leaves port for a new fishing trip.

This regulation was granted in accordance with The Norwegian Law of Fisheries § 13. We would also like to remind you that Norwegian and foreign vessels wishing to land in Norway are obliged to comply with Norwegian fisheries legislation, The Business Rules of Sildelagets ( )

and Special Sales Regulations applicable to Raw Material Used For Fishmeal And Oil ( ).

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