The course of Fisheries as per week 17/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Good catches of sand eel at the West Bank. 

Sand eel
We have a very good week behind us when it comes to sand eel, and 20.100 MT were registered. We must go back two years to match it for a higher weekly volume. Following high volumes, the waiting time at the plants in southern Norway has been as much as 96 hrs.
The operations were by the beginning of the week hampered by strong northerly winds and low temperatures. When the wind calmed and the temperatures rise, the fishing improved. On Thursday, as much as 8.300 MT were registered from eight vessels.
The activity last week was in an area in the vicinity of the West Bank some 80 n.m. south of Egersund. From this field, it has periodically been reported fairly much sand eel with good hauls. As expected it is young fish of from last year which dominates the catches, and the size and fat content is improving every week.
Following the good catches we have experienced, the fishermen hope for an increase of the quotas. “Eros” left Bergen by early week, and on 15th of May a survey report and updated quota advices shall be ready.
So far 25.700 MT are caught from a total of 50.000 MT. Of the vessels having quotas, four vessels have already taken their share. Seven vessels have not yet got started.
We expect good participation for the sand eel in the forthcoming week.

Blue whiting
When it comes to blue whiting, it is registered 3.600 MT from five different vessels. Two vessels have been operating in EU waters, – at St. Kilda and north west of the Hebrides.
The other three catches were taken during combined fishing at the “Edge” in an area west of Haugesund.
It is not expected any high activity for the blue whiting in the upcoming week.

Horse mackerel
The three vessels “Øyasund”, “Joton” and “Solfisk” have also during last week been chasing the horse mackerel in the fjords of West Norway. They have got 72 MT of good sized horse mackerel in the communities of Askøy in Hordaland County and Tyssvær in Rogaland County.

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