The course of Fisheries as per week 18/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Less sand eel  - and in general low activity last week. 

Sand eel
15 570 MT of sand eel was the outcome of last week, of which more than 4 100 MT were caught by foreign vessels. The Norwegian activity has been performed at traditional fields, but vessels have been widely spread and the registrations were not the best by the end of the week.
The Danish vessels have been fishing at fields further southeast, in Danish sector, close to the Norwegian fields.
After the foregoing week’s good results, the plants were working hard to unload and to produce raw material being delivered. Consequently, this led to some waiting time for the vessels, but during Thursday all vessels were unloaded and the plants again ready to produce. - Then the message came from the Pelagia plants that they were about to stop production due to maintenance at all three plants. The period was however, fairly short and by Thursday night they were again producing.
Due the uncertainties linked to new deliveries, it was introduced a 48 hrs. waiting time for the vessels after delivery. The sales situation will be kept under surveillance by Norges Sildelsalgslag.

Other fisheries
Of other fisheries, 10 MT of horse mackerel has been penned-in in Karmøy community, and 7 pens with altogether 11 MT of mackerel, mainly in Bømlo, but also one in Strand community.

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