The course of the Fisheries as per week 20/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good week for sand eel, the North Sea herring season has started - and significantly more penned-in mackerel at the southern coast

Sand eel
Following the uncertainties for delivery during the foregoing week, a new agreement was settled on Monday last week with an adjusted minimum price for sand eel. Thus, the fishing was resumed.
Further, as from Monday, the quota was increased with 70.000 MT to a new total of 120.000 MT. To avoid everyone to start simultaneously with waiting in port as a consequence, periodical start was introduced to the fleet with 48 hrs. of waiting before a new turn of catching after last delivery.
After fishing being resumed, the conditions have been varying daily and from field to field, but as a total the catching has been good and the volume from last week amounted 24.500 MT, giving so far the best week this season. - 3.000 MT from foreign vessels are included in this total volume. The varying condition have led to some vessels filling their quota in just a few days, while others used a longer time. The fleet has been operating at the West Bank, Outer Shoal and at Klondyke. One vessel also at Inner Shoal.
Some sand eel catches have also been delivered for consumption purposes, but the very last catches did not keep the required quality. In the forthcoming week, we expect still good fishing. Then we shall see if 48 hrs. of waiting is appropriate - or will need to be adjusted.

North Sea herring
Following “Svebas” with her first catch of North Sea herring the foregoing week, several other vessels joined in last week. 10-12 vessels were observed in operation, and this number will further increase in days to come. The fleet has been chasing the herring south of Stat Pipe, but it was further north at Heimdal – Frigg and even further north that the fishing was performed. As a total, close to 2.500 MT have been registered shared on 19 different catches. Size of the catch; 60 – 270 MT, and the size of the herring; 148-162 g.
Among producers some plants now are in activity and in the forthcoming week even more will be prepared to receive herring. Danish plants are now ready as well, and two vessels were sold to Denmark.
The herring is still meagre, but with high stomach content. The analyses indicate now 9,4 % fat in the filet and 12,5 % in whole herring.
Also along the coast there has been some herring catches, still the volume is modest. Close to 15 MT registered; size 220 g.

Last week 18 penned-in spots with mackerel were observed at the west coast, altogether 72 MT. The catches varied from 1 to 10 MT, and the size of the fish was between 330 - 500 g, - sold as fresh catch. The catching has been performed from Austevoll community to Strand further south.
As a total, 23 MT of penned-in mackerel were auctioned last week.

Industrial species
Some 900 MT of “assorted” species were caught at the “edge” last week and delivered for indirect consumption. Of this volume, some 500 MT were blue whiting, 200 MT were Norway pout, and some 200 MT were mixed species as silver herring, silver smelt and others.

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