The course of fisheries as per week 2/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The second week of the year; - not the busiest in pelagic, and by the end of the week, harsh weather forced the fleet to port.

Atlanto Scandic herring
16.000 MT were registered last week. The highest volume was taken in the Norwegian Sea, but also some activity in Kvænangen/Kaldfjord and Trøndelag/Møre. – Also, a couple of catches in Lofoten. 46 vessels have been in operation; 9 purse seiners, 1 trawler, 3 foreign vessels and 33 coastal vessel.
The bigger vessels have been in the Norwegian Sea chasing better sized herring. Altogether the Norwegian vessels have got 8.250 MT in this area. Those operating most westerly, were in the “Loop Sea”; an area at 68 N° 30’ and some 2° E. Other vessels have been in more eastern waters, the last catches were taken before the harsh weather came upon them, at 68,5° N and between 8° and 9° E, - and some catches also a bit south of 68° N. These easternmost areas are some 120 n.m. northwest of Skomvær.
The fleet reports of a lot of herring being observed, but the herring is going deep and is hard to get by purse. The herring has started its migration towards southeast, some say by a speed of 1 n.m. It may be some excitement linked to where the herring will reappear when weather has calmed and the fleet again is in operation.
The size of the herring taken in these areas was from 350 – 370 g.
The three foreign vessels have been operating in the same area as the Norwegian vessels. Altogether these vessels have got 3.250 MT, being sold in Norway and Denmark.
At the coast, the most important field is still Kvænangen, but the herring is rather small; 186 -216 g. Despite the size, there is a market for this herring.
On Thursday, some vessels entered the Kaldfjord to look for herring. They found some herring by better size; 250 -330 g. But no high volumes were registered and the herring is meager; 9 % fat in the filets. In addition, some 30 % of the herring was without roe/milt, according to observations by our inspectors.
Some catches were taken at the coast of Trøndelag/Møre as well. Five vessels have got 12 catches of Atlanto Scandic herring aggregating to 360 MT by size 180 – 230 g. The catches were taken at a number of locations, grid no. 0707, -08, -25, -28, -31 and -33.

Six foreign vessels have reported altogether 5.455 MT of mackerel to be landed at Norwegian buyers. All catches are delivered pursuant to contract. The mackerel was caught west and northwest the Orkneys, grid 4373-74 and 81. The size of the fish was from 360 – 390 g.

Horse mackerel
Some 410 MT were landed last week. Along the coast from Trøndelag in the north to Rogaland in the south, 10 catches have been taken with altogether 160 MT. The size has been from 450 - 500 g. Four catches were penned-in.
In addition, two catches aggregating to 255 MT are coming from foreign trawlers taken west off the Orkneys.

Indirect consumption
Of industrial catches, it was registered one catch of blue whiting last week, from the Faroese zone; 1.900 MT. In addition, a catch of ocean sprat has been registered; 230 MT taken in the southern part of the North Sea. By this catch, last year’s quota of ocean sprat is considered fulfilled.

Other fisheries
Two catches of altogether 60 MT of coastal sprast was taken in the Oslo Fjord and delivered to a Swedish buyer. The size of the sprat; 45 -50 pcs/kg. One penned-in catch of 15 MT with North Sea herring was taken at the west coast with an average size of 300 g.

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