The course of fisheries as per week 4/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season’s first catch of capelin at Iceland, and the season’s first catch of blue whiting west of Ireland. And again, not too bad for Atlanto Scandic herring despite harsh weather.

Atlanto Scandic herring

More than 23.000 MT registered last week making it the best week so far this year. And; this despite the catching is carried out in open sea west off Røst Island and with stormy weather several days. In addition, the herring stays deep and is hard to get. The herring is however, no doubt, on its migration, and is far closer to the Norwegian coast now. On Thursday some vessels were operating in the vicinity of the Træna Depth, but no promising observations were made. By the end of the week, the operations were carried out in two areas; one some 50 n.m. west of Skomvær, and another some 25 n.m. further northwest.
All types of vessels have taken part, - also two Danish trawlers. By quantity 6.115 MT were taken by purse seiners, 5.640 MT by trawlers, 2.100 MT by foreign vessels, and 9.460 MT by coastal vessels. Catches taken closer to shore are of smaller sized herring; 175-225 g.  Herring further north seems to get somewhat smaller; 312-365 g, with an average at 344 g against 350 g last week.
In the forthcoming week, we still expect activity by coastal vessels, and the herring goes on with its migration.

Last week 5.400 MT were registered; by two Norwegian vessels and four foreign vessels. The catches were taken north of the Hebrides, grid 4372 and 4381. The size varied from 360 to 406 g. In the forthcoming week, we still expect some mackerel to be landed by foreign vessels.

Capelin at Iceland
This season’s very first catch of capelin at Iceland, was last week taken by “Endre Dyrøy”. The catch was modest; close to 100 MT, a result also influenced by the weather. The catch was taken north of Grimsøy Island, - good observations were made, but the capelin stays deep and is hard to get by purse. The size was not so bad; 41 pcs/kg (mixed), but with a high stomach content; roe percentage at 7-8.
Later during the week, weather got worse...
Ten vessels have now left Norway, of which four have arrived into IEZ. On Sunday night, two Norwegian vessels observed some capelin 70 n.m. east of Langanes. The fish is still very deep and did not came close enough to surface to be taken by purse. One vessel has hit capelin further south, off Neskaupstadur. What magnitude being observed, is not known.
Icelandic buyers tell that the capelin taken by Icelandic vessels are of good size; 45 pcs/kg (mixed), some 50 pcs/kg for female fish.  Icelandic fishermen have already caught some capelin during winter; 50.000 MT according to statistics, but most likely the volume is higher as statistics need some time to be updated.
Last year the very first catch was registered on the 3rd of February, and hopefully the season will start fully during the forthcoming week.

BLue whiting
This season’s very first catch of blue whiting has been taken west of Ireland, and again the vessels “Åkerøy”, was the very first. The vessel got 1.900 MT north of the Porcupine, grid 48-22.
A lot of blue whiting is observed, and good hauls are reported. But – again; the weather was difficult. Also last year “Åkerøy” was the very first to get blue whiting; then on the 6th of February.

Horse mackerel
Last week there was not so much catching of horse mackerel. Just four catches are registered, from 6 to 20 MT, altogether 53 MT. Three catches were taken at Møre, one penned-in in Vindafjord, and the size was from 500 to 600 g.


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