The course of fisheries as per week 4/2019

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

First catch of blue whiting west of Ireland, while for Atlanto Scandic herring it has been quite variable.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Close to 40 000 MT were caught last week, which is good when it comes volume. Most of the herring was taken in the Norwegian Sea. As much as 36 400 MT were caught in the area 50 n.m. southwest of Røst Island where the herring now is to be found.The conditions have, however, been variable, both when it comes to catching itself and seen from a weather point of view. On Wednesday it was caught close to 13 000 MT and it was reported good conditions. But the following day, it was worse, as the herring then stayed deep. Of the above-mentioned volume, 25 purse seiners have taken 20 000 MT, 11 trawlers 8 300 MT and 21 coastal vessels 11 200 MT. This latter volume includes some catches from the Kvænangen area. The size of the herring taken in open sea, was from 320 – 365 g, with a balanced average at 348 g. In Kvænangen, some vessels have been in activity as well, and these vessels contributed with 18 catches and a volume of 3 330 MT. Here the herring is significantly smaller; from 190 – 252 g, with a balanced average at 210 g. It is reported just small herring now remaining, hence the fleet has left this area. At Møre it was taken three catches; altogether some 100 MT. This was smaller herring with an average at 270 g. This week we expect high activity as the herring now is migrating southwards. On Sunday night, vessels came together some 50 n.m. northwest of Træna. Normally the catch conditions will improve as the herring is entering more shallow waters. But again, the weather is always a factor of great uncertainty.

6 800 MT of mackerel were landed in Norway last week. Six foreign vessels have contributed, and the mackerel had an average size between 385 and 405 g, caught northwest of the Hebrides, grid 43-82. All catches were delivered to Norwegian buyers.

Horse mackerel
190 MT of horse mackerel were caught last week. Of this volume, 95 MT were penned-in. The catching has been performed in the west part of Norway, mainly in the southwest part. The size has been varying from 440 -530 g.

Blue whiting
This season’s very first catch of blue whiting at fields west of Ireland, was taken last week, and this year, as well, it was the vessel “Åkerøy” to be the very first. 1 950 MT were taken over 48 hrs. The catch was taken in EU waters. The first catch last year was also taken in the same area, grid 48-22, situated from 54⁰ N and southwards, and between 13 and 14⁰ W. Two more vessels are now heading for the blue whiting fields - and may have arrived already or are close to.

Coastal sprat and North Sea herring
A coastal vessel has taken one catch of North Sea herring/coastal sprat in outer Oslo Fjord, in an area between the towns of Tønsberg and Sandefjord. The catch was close to 55 MT with respectively 45 MT of North Sea herring and 10 MT of coastal sprat. The entire catch was delivered in Sweden.

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