The course of fisheries as per week 11/2019

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Harsh weather hampered the blue whiting operations. “Vestbris” with success on horse mackerel.

Blue whiting

For several days, harsh weather hampered the blue whiting activity west of Ireland, and we got just 19 200 MT registered last week. Of this volume, 13 700 MT were registered during the weekend.
It was an unusual heavy and long-lasting low-pressure that ruled for several days with strong winds, forcing both Norwegian and other vessels to seek port in Ireland or Scotland. This is quite unusual, as the vessels normally cope well with low-pressures.
On Friday, the vessels were in activity again, and a high number of vessels in operation at the same time, led to challenges at the field. The fishing was uneven, and as a rule it was at its best during the night hours.
Before the weekend, the partial quota unit in EU waters was increased for blue whiting trawlers, enabling them to fish the same volume in EU waters as the total quota. Thus, the activity has been performed in two areas, one west of the Porcupine Bank, and another north of it.
In the forthcoming week, we expect a lot of blue whiting by early week, as there has been activity throughout the weekend.

Horse mackerel

We got this season’s best week with 245 MT registered. The main reason is the catch made by “Vestbris”, having a catch of 200 MT taken just south of Bergen on Wednesday. Following the good prices of horse mackerel we see these days, this represented a very nice pay-back to vessel and crew.
Despite the reduced volumes of horse mackerel we have had over the last years, the development into the fjord areas has been positive. An increasing volume is taken closer to coast, and several vessels are now chasing the “horse”. But patience is essential, and efforts made to find the “horse”. - But the potential income is promising following high prices, and no limitation for the vessels in respect of quotas. - So far in 2019, some 1 600 MT have been taken by Norwegian coastal vessels, being the best start ever.

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