The course of fisheries as per week 12/2019

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Blue whiting fisheries good in periods, - some days very good, - others with nothing.

Blue whiting
Following the foregoing week’s harsh weather, there was an extended fleet of vessels coming together at the Porcupine Bank, lest week. Some vessels were in an area north of “the bank” and others at the western part. A lot of blue whiting was observed and good conditions on Monday, gave 15 catches aggregating to 26 000 MT. This came out as the very best day this season. As a total it was caught some 50 000 MT last week.
The good fishing on Monday - with a lot of registrations for sale, resulted in not so many vessels being left at the field afterwards. Later in the week, the conditions varied, some good days – and some bad days. The weather varied, - though not being as rough as the week before when vessels had to seek port shelter.
On Sunday, some ten vessels were back in operation, but there was a lot of searching, particularly north of the “bank” towards St. Kilda. We expect the blue whiting to move north as is normal in the second half March. Last year, the first catch near St. Kilda was taken on the 23rd of March (grid 43 -39).
Most of the fish has been delivered in Norway, resulting in some time for waiting, but not more than could be expected following an intense activity over a short period.
In the forthcoming week, we expect higher activity and that the first catches will be registered from the area of St. Kilda. We expect also higher activity by pelagic industrial trawlers.

Other fisheries
Of other species, just 10 MT of horse mackerel were registered last week. 2 MT were taken in Rogaland County, and 8 MT at the Møre fields. Thus, this gave this season’s lowest result for horse mackerel since the turn of the year. So far, 1 400 MT have been caught – all by the coastal fleet.

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