Video: Delivery in Killybegs

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Sildelaget visited Killybegs last week, due to the poor weather most of the Blue whiting fleet was as well, watch the video here:

The main focus of the trip was to inform about Norges Sildesalgslag’s social responsibility and document how our business rules are being followed. During the trip we visited both Pelagia Feed and the SFPA (Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority).

- We were welcomed by both Pelagia and SFPA and were able to share experiences and inform each other of our business rules and code of conduct, Tony Hatland, leader for the control department of Sildelaget explains.

Due to the poor weather most of the Norwegian fleet sought port in Killybegs and Sildelaget was able to observe a landing.

- The quality of the fish was top-notch, but the quality deteriorates quickly at this time, the Irish would therefore wish that most Norwegians fish in the month change between January and February when the fish is at its fattest, control inspector Georg Wastian says.

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