New minimum prices for Spring-spawning herring from 04.10.21

Published: by Camilla Klævold

The prices will be as follows:

Group 1 (herring weighing 350 grams or more) NOK 5,95 per kg

Group 2 (herring weighing from 300 to 348 grams) NOK 5,62 per kg

Group 3 (herring weighing from 200 to 299 grams) NOK 5,33 per kg

Group 4 (herring weighing from 125 to 199 grams) NOK 4,41 per kg

Group 5 (herring weighing under 125 grams) NOK 4,03 per kg

Group 5 (herring weighing under 125 grams for m/o purposes) NOK 2,00 per kg

According to Norges Sildesalgslag and Sjømat Norge’s agreement the minimum prices for herring can be regulated every week either based on achieved prices or minimum prices for spring-spawning herring for fishmeal and fishoil purposes plus 0,60 NOK pr kg. Information regarding changes in the minimum prices will be announces on our website on Fridays, and the following prices will apply the following Monday.

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