Prices in Sildelaget's app

Published: by Camilla Klævold

Based on the appeal committee’s decision in December Sildelaget must change our price sharing practices

The appeal committee declined Sildelaget’s appeal in December and the ruling from the Court of Appeal regarding the price information lawsuit is therefore valid and Sildelaget must change our practices.

The ruling basically says that the information from Sildelaget’s bidding journal is limited to the Public Administration Act’s rules of confidentiality.

- Sildelaget will change our practices consistently with the ruling regarding how we share price sensitive information with fishermen and buyers, says the president of the board Lars Ove Stenevik.

Since the decision from the appeal committee's been known, Sildelaget and Sjømat Norge have had had constructive conversations about how to share price information in the future. Certain measures have already been put in place while the conversations continue – such as removing prices for contract deliveries from Sildelaget’s application and Extranet.

Ruling from the Court of Appeal (in Norwegian) here:

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