The course of fisheries as per week 10/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The season for capelin in the Barents Sea towards an end, but still high activity for blue whiting – if weather is cooperative.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Following week no. 9’s successful results, we expected a smaller volume last week totaling 31.800 MT, now by quality to produce roe. Of this volume, coastal vessels had 4.500 MT, trawlers 2.750 MT, purse seiners 24.200 MT and one Russian trawler delivered 380 MT to a freezing plant in Hammerfest. As mentioned, roe is now being produced, but 2.500 MT were delivered for indirect consumption.
As far as we know, there has been a great magnitude of capelin close to shore this year, and operations have been carried out from west of North Cape and further south to Malangsgrunnen. On the east side, however, from North Cape to Varanger, we don’t know precisely, but indications tell there is capelin in these waters as well. When it comes to the Russian trawler delivering in Hammerfest, the catching grid is not correctly given; the position indicates operations Northwest of Sørøya island.
The quotas are diminishing. Purse seiners have still quotas left - close to 15.000 MT. In addition, there are close to 1.800 MT left by trawlers.
In the forthcoming week we expect most vessels to have finished their quotas, thus this year’s season will be over.

Blue whiting
25.100 MT of blue whiting were registered last week, of which 11.700 MT were taken in international waters. The volume mentioned above, was shared on 17 catches. The catching in international waters is performed  south of 54⁰ N, - in EU waters, south of 55⁰ N and west 13⁰ W.
This winter, the weather conditions have been in state of every week having days when catching has been impossible, - last week was no exception. Sunday night it again was predicted a new storm for vessels operating in international waters.
The participation of vessels has been somewhat reduced, as many vessels have been occupied in capelin catching. In days to come, more vessels are expected to join in for the blue whiting, and what is on mind, is now which volumes still to be caught in international waters.

Other fisheries
Four catches of altogether 43 MT of horse mackerel were registered last week; two in Suldal community, one in Tysvær and one at Møre. Further, a small catch of 25 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring was taken at Møre as well.

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