The course of fisheries as per week 11/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season’s best week for blue whiting – and the capelin quota, close to be taken.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
We are in the final part of this season’s capelin catching, and last week came out with 15.100 MT registered. Of this volume, purse seiners brought 12.600 MT, trawlers 1.250 MT, coastal vessels 100 MT and from two Russian trawlers it was reported 1.150 MT - onboard production.
The operations have been carried out in an area off Malangsgrunnen in west Troms county, and further northeast in different fields; most eastly a catch was taken out of Magerøy Island (town of Honningsvåg).
The main part, 12.700 MT were sold for consumption purposes, and the catches were in general utilized for roe production. Then, some 10 % of the catch is being roe when we assume 50 % being female capelin in a catch.
It remains some 3.000 MT of the quota, and just a few vessels have still some quota left. During the weekend the vessels were in port due to weather. Hopefully weather improves in days to come. In addition, it is some tension linked to quality; is the capelin still suited for roe production?

Blue whiting
Another ‘wonderful’ week for blue whiting seen from a volume-point-of-view; 47.600 MT registered. This volume was shared on 28 vessels, giving an average catch of precisely 1.700 MT each vessel.
As normal, the blue whiting is now migrating from international waters, into EU waters. Of above mentioned volume, 7.800 MT were taken in international waters, west of Ireland. The remaining part, 39.800 MT, were taken in the EU zone, where the vessels have been operating north of the Porcupine Bank, and further northwest to 100 n.m. south of Rockall.
The catching was good by the beginning of the week, -  as long as also weather was cooperative. During the weekend, the weather has been unstable, resulting in longer ‘tugging’ to get hold of the “sack”.  Especially during day time, the blue whiting has been more widespread.
All catches last week were sold for meal&oil purposes to buyers in Norway and Denmark; - plants are producing as much as they can. We are now into the most hectic part of the season, and having a look at the quotas, tell us that close to 1/3 of the total quota has been caught (136.000 of 421.000 MT).

Horse mackerel
One vessel; “Solfisk”, got three catches last week in the communities of Suldal and Vindafjord in Rogaland County.
This was horse mackerel of size 480 g as an average, sold to Skude Fryseri at Karmøy Island.

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