The course of fisheries as per week 14/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for blue whiting.

Blue whiting
Last week came out as another good week for blue whiting; more than 66.200 MT were registered. It was in fact the sixth best week ever since 2002 when we introduced the present system for handling catches. Unlike the week before, when operations were carried out as long south as west the Porcupine Bank, everything was taken at the edge near St. Kilda. Deliveries have been made to all plants in Norway, plus Denmark, Iceland and Killybegs. Waiting time at the plants; aprx. 24 hrs. The status tells us that it remains some 80.000 MT of the total quota, and some twenty trawlers have now finished. Some quota will be saved to be taken at “the edge” in the North Sea. As more vessels are finishing, the activity will gradually be reduced, and the weekly volumes fall.

Horse mackerel
Some horse mackerel also last week; 8 catches with altogether 95 MT. The catches were from 5 to 20 MT and four vessels have been in activity. The horse mackerel has been taken in Tysvær and Kvinnherad communities, and was all delivered to Skude Fryseri.

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