The course of fisheries as per week 16/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The season has started for sand eel, - when it comes to blue whiting; just a few trawlers still in operation.

Blue whiting
15 catches with altogether close to 19.000 MT were the outcome last week. Of this volume, 15.660 MT were taken in EU waters, 230 MT in the Norwegian zone and 3.080 MT in Faroese waters.
Two catches were delivered for consumption purposes, one; 1.130 MT to a buyer in Killybegs, and another; 430 MT to a buyer in Norway. The average size for the catch being delivered in Killybegs and caught at St. Kilda, was 103 g, while the other catch was taken in Faroese waters with an average size of 141 g. Two trawlers have still some quota left, and both are in operation. Some industry- /North Sea trawlers having still a smaller quota left, are saving it for later use in the North Sea.

Sand eel
The Norwegian sand eel season started on the 15th of April, and seven vessels are in operation. So far, 435 MT have been registered. The reports tell about highly changing conditions; one day as much as 170-180 MT for a vessel, the next day, close to nothing. On Sunday, the fleet was searching over a wide area at traditional sand eel fields. In the forthcoming week, we expect to receive some registrations from those already in operation and, also new vessels to join. The reports received on quality, indicate meager fish.

Other fisheries
As mentioned, there has been taken two catches at the “edge” – 230 MT. In addition, the catches contained some 150 MT of other industrial species.
Of horse mackerel; 4 catches with altogether 75 MT.
The spring season’s very first catches of penned-in mackerel to the fresh market, appeared as well last week. Altogether 3 MT taken in the community of Bømlo.
Prices this early in the season are very high.

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