The course of fisheries as per week 17/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A quiet start for sand eel, and the main season for blue whiting is over.

Blue whiting
Last week is regarded as the termination of the main season for blue whiting. Just 7.000 MT were registered; three catches taken in EU/Faroese waters and two combined catches in the North Sea, - plus one catch of 2.500 MT from a Faroese vessel in Faroese waters.
Looking back on April, we look back on a hectic and very good season 2018, - from the very start on 11th of January. Since the start, 419.000 MT have been sold. Based on a good global marked for meal/oil, the prices have been fairly high.
In our part of the world, we are very satisfied with such volumes over a relatively short period. However, compared to Peru we are just “small lads”. During week no. 16 alone, they landed 320.000 MT of anchoveta, giving a daily average of 45.000 MT!

Sand eel
April has been quiet when it comes to sand eel, and last week the catch was 3.800 MT shared by nine different vessels. This gave an average catch of just 420 MT.
The vessels have been visiting all well-known fields southwest of Egersund, and the impression is all over the same; no signs of sand eel to be gathering. The cold sea following a long winter, is assumed to be the main reason for these modest results. This is also confirmed by the low fat content of just 1,5 %, shown after analyses.
Now we hope for sun, summer and warmer weather to improve the conditions for catching sand eel.
“Eros” is already under way in a survey for sand eel in the North Sea, and we expect the final results of this survey by mid-May.

Horse mackerel
Last week again, some coastal vessels were hunting horse mackerel in western Norway fjords. As a total, 175 MT were registered during last week.
Considered other volumes mentioned above, this is maybe not very impressive, but for these five vessels, it has been an important contribution, as market and prices are good for horse mackerel. - The average size; in the range from 400-500 g.


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