The course of fisheries as per week 18/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still moderate results for the sand eel, - even if there was an improvement at some fields.

Sand eel
The sand eel season has not yet “taken off”, just 3.150 MT were registered last week. This was shared on nine catches, of which a couple of catches were delivered by vessels having terminated their turn to have some repair works done. The catches were from 300 – 530 MT during 5-6 days of catching.
The fleet has been operating at many fields, both the West Bank, Inner Shoal and by the end of the week, at English Klondike and finally at the East Bank. We have not been able to contact vessels at the latter field, hopefully due to busy working.
The last couple of days, it has been favorable sand eel weather, good and sunny conditions. Still, this did not give a lift for the results, but hopefully this may be better in days to come.

Other industrial caching
Of other activity linked to indirect consumption, we have registered two catches of blue whiting, one Norwegian and one Faroese vessel with altogether 3.350 MT. The Faroese vessel has been catching in its own zone, while the Norwegian one operated in EU waters.
In addition, two vessels having been at the “edge”, brought some mixed catch of blue whiting and other industrial species as Norway pout, silver smelt and silver herring, altogether 410 MT, - of which Norway pout represented 215 MT.
Of other catches; a small catch of horse mackerel, (6 MT), and four catches of mackerel (8 MT) to be penned-in for fresh fish sales.

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