The course of fisheries as per week 19/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Finally, good results for the sand eel – and the very first catch of North Sea herring.

Sand eel
Following a slow start, the catching of sand eel improved significantly last week. 20 vessels caught 17.400 MT. Some of these vessels have contributed twice. Summer and higher temperatures have had a positive impact, and during the weekend, daily catches for the best vessels exceeded 500 MT. This represents very good results and we shall hope it continues in days to come.
Of last week’s volume, 450 MT were sold for consumption purposes, while the remaining part was sold to meal&oil buyers in Norway.
The operations have mainly taken place in the north at the Klondike Bank and East Bank. We must look back several years to find this high activity for sand eel at the East Bank. Fishermen having a good memory, talk about the end of the 90’s to find a similar activity here.
Following these high weekly volumes, we also see that the quotas are rapidly being reduced from 70.000 MT. As a total, 25.000 MT so far have been caught. This is more than 1/3 of the total quota.
In the forthcoming week we expect to receive the final quota advice based on the sand eel survey being terminated at the Viking Bank on Sunday.

North Sea herring
Sunday night we got this season’s very first catch of North Sea herring - by “Radek”; 250 MT. The catch was taken south of Heimdal, and the average size was 155 g.
The catch was taken in one single sweep, which is very promising this early in the season.
We expect more vessels to head for the North Sea in the forthcoming week, especially after the 17th of May (Nation’s Day). Having a higher quota this year, we hope for good availability in Norwegian waters, - and herring of suitable size for fileting.

Blue whiting
Totally, 7.000 MT were registered last week. Of this volume, two Faroese vessels contributed with as much as 5.000 MT, taken in Faroese zone. From Norwegian vessels, we got 1.250 MT also taken in Faroese waters, plus 750 MT from the edge in combined white fish catching.

Horse mackerel
Last week, 50 MT of horse mackerel were registered, - with just 18 MT sold for consumption purposes. The remaining part was taken by vessels trawling along the edge.

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