The course of fisheries as per week 20/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Uneven results for the sand eel last week – and the North Sea herring season has started.

Sand eel
The catching has been quite uneven in the week behind us. The grand total came out with 14.460 MT, mainly taken in the area of English Klondike. Of this total, some 6.000 MT were taken on May the 14th (7 catches), while the other days there were 4, 2, 2, 0, 3, and again 0 catches.
For many of the catches, there has been some waiting before unloading, having a bad effect on the quality for some catches.

Blue whiting
Two catches were delivered last week from Faroese vessels, amounting to 4.050 MT. The catches were taken in Faroese waters.

North Sea herring
The season has started. Five vessels have registered a total of 1.231 MT herring, with size from 160 – 175 g. The catches have mainly been taken near the Heimdal gas field. – One catch was taken further west into the English zone.
So far it’s said to be quite meager herring, though the stomach content is high.

The fishing for mackerel to be penned-in (fresh sold), has been performed in an area from Rogaland County to the town of Florø. Grand total; 54 MT. The sales and prices have been fairly good. The size had a range from 400 – 600 g.

Horse mackerel
Four catches last week, with a total of 143 MT in coastal areas from Stadt to Trøndelag County. - Size; 400 – 500 g.


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