The course of fisheries as per week 22/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The North Sea herring fisheries in progress, but results do not reflect the efforts made. The very first catches of matjes herring have been displayed in Egersund.

North Sea herring
A satisfying volume was the outcome last week, though the catches were fluctuating from 900 to nearly 3.600 MT on a single day. The grand total was 15.900 MT registered. 56 vessels were in operation reporting 120 different catches during last week. Knowing that most catches needed between three to seven or eight sweeps, the efforts were high to get a real volume out of it.
The size varied from 87 to 200 g with an average at 160 g. Of last week’s quantity, 4.900 MT were herring below 150 g. This was apart from what was delivered for meal&oil production. Some buyers report that it is a limited market for herring below 150 g.
The operations have been carried out in several areas, mainly from Heimdal to north of Oseberg. In addition, 2.400 MT were caught in the EU zone, in the area between Bressay Shoal and Forty Mile Ground. Buyers have been in operation from Uthaug in the north to Skagen (Denmark) in the south. Mainly it has been a production of filets, however, the first catches of matjes quality have also arrived. Still a bit meager but improving. Also, variations between the different sweeps.
In the forthcoming week, we expect more matjes herring, but the weather forecast predicts northerly winds for a period, which may hamper the activity.

Mackerel/horse mackerel
Last week’s penning-in fisheries reached 200 MT. Some 80 MT have been sold as fresh fish and some 100 MT were frozen. As per today, some 185 MT are not yet sold, mainly meant for the fresh market. Hopefully some of it may be sold to be frozen, which certainly would ease the sales.
The size of the fish in the south is very good; an average of 500 g, and mackerel is penned-in along most of the west coast.
From North Norway there is no observations so far, but due to weather conditions it is also difficult to really tell how the status really is.

Just two catches of horse mackerel last week; both at 12 MT. In addition, 3 MT were taken as by-catch at the “Edge”.

Sand eel

As already said, the season is shortly to be terminated for sand eel, and just two vessels have still some quota left, worth to be mentioned. Last week 7.680 MT were registered, shared on 8 catches.

Indirect consumption

Of other species taken at the edge, 2.330 MT were reported. This volume was taken by 7 different vessels and shared on 1.480 MT of blue whiting, 555 MT of Norway pout and the remaining part, silver pout/silver smelt.

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