The course of fisheries as per week 26/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still difficult conditions for the North Sea herring, - though, the best week so far with more than 20.000 MT registered.

North Sea herring
More than 20.700 MT were registered last week, being this season’s best week so far. The reason behind a pretty high volume is compound, but several vessels have been catching the smaller herring in the area Ling Bank, Coral Bank and Sleipner field. In addition to what has been caught in these areas, there has been some catching in EU waters and some catching as well in northern areas from Oseberg to Gullfaks. Of the entire volume, some 2.000 MT were used for matjes production, - sold in both Egersund and Skagen. Some 7.000 MT were delivered for reduction purposes and some 11.000 MT were delivered to be frozen.
As just said, the catching has been performed in a number of areas. From EU waters it was reported 3.500 MT, north of 60⁰ N, 6.500 MT and south of 60⁰ N, 10.700 MT. The size varied from 120 to 240 g. Two catches were taken close to shore and here the average was 280 g.
When it comes to sale for consumption purposes, it is expected to be a lower volume in weeks to come. Some plants have their summer shut down, and according to info we have, even more will shut down in the week after this present. For m&o at least two plants will be running all summer, Pelagia’s in Karmsund and Egersund will alternate to stay open, while Karmsund Protein will be running all summer. A special survey will be posted later.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Close to 350 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were registered last week, the major part was taken in Vestfjorden at the Lofoten side. Of this volume, 130 MT were frozen for bate. Average size; 370 g. Two catches were penned-in.
In addition to what was caught in Lofoten, some penned-in catches were taken in Vanylven municipality (6.000 MT). Again, good sized; 333 g in average.

Last week the outcome of mackerel was just some 50 MT, - 40 MT taken in southern parts being penned-in for fresh sales, and another catch of 12.000 MT taken near Røst island. Here the observations were good as long as the weather was cooperative, but it remains to be seen if this fish will be entering the Vestfjorden or continue to migrate northwards at the outer side of Lofoten. So far, the weather has not been on the fishermen’s side, making it difficult to follow the pattern of migration.
In the south of Norway, 73 MT were sold for the fresh market. Still some 75 MT remain penned-in, - being a moderate volume during this part of summer.

Indirect consumption
The participation by vessels operating at the “edge”, is somewhat limited, and those five vessels reporting, came up with 1.510 MT altogether: 510 MT of blue whiting, 640 MT of Norway pout, 295 MT of silver smelt, and 65 MT of “other species”.

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