The course of fisheries as per week 39/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Better for the mackerel, but still weather hindrances.


As for weeks now, the weather is hampering the operations. Monday started not too bad, giving a total of 10 catches aggregating 3.680 MT, of which a couple of catches were taken in the area some 60 n.m north of Shetland. The remaining part was taken in Norwegian waters, mainly grid 3008.
On Tuesday and Wednesday bad weather again resulted in just 3 catches with a total of 655 MT. Thursday and Friday were better again, giving a total of 12.400 MT. Again, some activity was linked to the area north of Shetland, while in Norwegian waters the operations had moved a bit south-east.
On Saturday harsh weather again prevailed, causing no catches, while Sunday proved better, but with little mackerel to be seen - and just 5 catches registered totaling 1.580 MT.
The total volume of the week when summing up; 18.380 MT.

North Sea herring
10 vessels have delivered a total of 1.350 MT of North Sea herring, of which 3 catches totaling 61 MT were delivered for meal&oil. The herring is mainly caught in grids 4213 and 4214.

Atlanto Scandic herring
One vessel caught a total of 145 MT in grids 0409 and 0419. This herring was rather small (220 -240 g.) and initiated no further catching.

Indirect consumption
7-8 trawlers have delivered some 2.000 MT of horse mackerel, blue whiting, argentine, silvery pout and Norway pout for reduction purposes. The catches were mainly taken in the areas 0810, 0813 and 0814.

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