The course of fisheries as per week 40/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another week with moderate mackerel catches, but the very first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring in the south part of the Norwegian Sea, was taken.

Even if the weather proved better most of last week, the results were modest. Just 24.000 MT were registered, and to be at the peak of the season, this is a very low volume. Just for one day, on Wednesday, we got a volume above 10.000 MT shared on 25 catches. With some sixty vessels at the field, this is a modest result. On Tuesday we got registrations from the EU zone, grid 3003 northwest of the “Tampen toe”, and a large part of the fleet entered this zone hoping for the better. As mentioned, Wednesday was good, but on Thursday, the number of catches and volume were halved. On Friday, there was no catching, due to weather. On Sunday, a part of the fleet moved further east towards the Active Headland where there was one catch. But again, the winds were strong and hampered operations both for those closer to shore and for those remaining in EU waters. For high sea catches the size varied from 395 – 473 g, with an average at 440 g.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The  week before last, “Ketlin” got the first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring in the north part of the Norwegian Sea. This herring was rather small; 200 -240 g and did not give motive to further catching. Last week, “Svanaug Elise” was operating further south in the Norwegian Sea, and on Sunday she reported 450 MT caught in Norwegian waters  just east of the south peak of the “Loop Sea”. The herring was of god size, 390 g as an average. We have got signals from Faroese vessels observing herring further west in Faroese waters. Hopefully this herring will migrate further east into Norwegian zone.
At the coast, three catches have been taken, two at the coast of Trøndelag (Mid Norway) and one further north in Meløy, Nordland County. The size varies, 220 g as an average for the smallest, and 322 g for the best size in Meløy.

North Sea herring
Last week some 8.000 MT of North Sea herring were caught. Of this volume, the main part came from two purse seiners/trawlers, taken in EU waters east of Fladen, grid 4213-14. The average size was from 170 – 190 g, and both catches were delivered for consumption purposes. In addition, two penned-in catches have been taken (50 MT) in Sund municipality; average 220 -280 g, - and a smaller volume as by-catch from industrial catching.

Indirect consumption
For indirect consumption, there was taken 150 MT of ocean sprat, 500 MT of blue whiting, 155 MT of Norway pout, 225 MT of horse mackerel, and some 200 MT of different other species. In addition, one trawler had close to 20 MT of horse mackerel delivered for direct human consumption.

Other businesses
As known, coastal sprat catching was allowed in some new areas as from Thursday the 4th of October. So far, no registrations.

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