The course of fisheries as per week 41/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Finally, a good week for mackerel, giving 52.000 MT with a value of more than 730 million NOK.

Finally, the mackerel catching gave results, totaling 52.100 MT, being the very best this year. This has been longed for by both fishermen and buyers following an autumn with harsh weather for weeks, - and mackerel being difficult to get. Wednesday was the best day; 15.200 MT and next; Sunday with 14.500 MT.*
The mackerel has been staying deep in the Norwegian Sea. Faroese vessels have been trawling as deep as 400 meters. Norwegian vessels moved into the EU zone east of the Orkneys, where Scottish seiners struck the mackerel early in the week. Here the mackerel was available for purse seiners, and the biggest vessels could operate even if the weather was not at the best.
On Friday, the winds got stronger and hampered further catching, but with an optimistic weather forecast for the weekend, the coastal vessels seeking shelter at Shetland, headed for the field.
During the weekend, the catching has been very good in an area just outside the 12-mile line at Shetland and further south. The vessels have observed lots of mackerel. In addition, the vessels observed mackerel staying deep when they were setting their course for Norway. If also this mackerel will join the others at Shetland, this may represent some challenges for the fishermen.
The average size (415 g) has been somewhat reduced compared to mackerel caught in the North Sea last week (440 g). It seems like it has mingled in between smaller fish (250 g) from the North Sea.
In the forthcoming week we expect still good activities. Unstable weather is forecasted by mid-week, likely to hamper activities for a period.

Atlanto Scandic herring
When it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring, 230 MT were caught by smaller coastal vessels at Nordmøre and near Stadt. This is herring by size 250 g. In the Norwegian Sea, “Svanaug Elise” has been chasing in parts of the Loop Sea. Again, weather has been hampering. On Sunday, two vessels more joined in. Reports from Sunday night tell about some observations of herring, and hopefully catching may start shortly. From Iceland, it is reported lots of herring in the border-area between Iceland and the Faroes. The catching has been quite good.
As more vessels are finishing the mackerel, they are expected to focus upon Atlanto Scandic herring.

Coastal sprat
The vessel “Hosøybuen” has penned-in 20 MT of sprat in the inner Sogne Fjord. The size of 120 pcs/kg, is well suited for two-layer canning.
The heavy rain for a couple of days now, is though making the catching quite challenging.

Indirect consumption
Vessels operating in combined fisheries at the “Edge” and in the North Sea, have taken 600 MT of blue whiting, 1.100 MT of Norway pout, 330 MT of argentine and 300 MT of horse mackerel.
These volumes were shared by six vessels combing pelagic and “white fish” operations.

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