The course of fisheries as per week 42/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another week with lots of mackerel, and a good week for Atlanto Scandic herring - for those participating.

After a rather late start for the mackerel, we now look back on two busy weeks. Also, last week came out with a very high volume, totaling some 48.750 MT being registered.
Over the two last weeks, the operations have been carried out in EU waters east of Fair Isle and further south at Fladen and in periods with high volumes being registered. The size varies from 344 to 458 g with an average at 420 g based on number of catches.
Also, busy times by the industry, some utilizing all their capacity. The plant in Lerwick has also received some fish from coastal vessels hesitating to cross the North Sea in too harsh weather. In addition, a couple of catches have been delivered in Peterhead.
Looking at this year’s total quota of close to 201.000 MT, close to 50.000 MT now remain, considering the flex. part.
In the forthcoming week the activity is expected not so busy as many vessels have already finished their quotas.

Atlanto Scandic herring
12 vessels have been in operation in the Norwegian Sea looking for Atlanto Scandic herring and getting catches. Altogether 9.775 MT sold to Norwegian buyers along most of the coast line. Due to high activity for mackerel, it seems to have been less buyers for herring at the auctions.
10 catches have been taken in international waters, in the southern peak of the Loop Sea, north of 65⁰ N. The two remaining catches were taken in Norwegian zone, one by 66⁰ N and 4,5⁰ E, the other 25-30 n.m. further north, some 180 n.m. west of Træna. The herring taken in the Norwegian Sea and the Loop Sea is of good size, from 386 to 404 g with an average at 395 g. In the Norwegian zone the herring is smaller; 379 g as an average.
It is reported good observations of herring, and both purse seiners and trawlers have been operating. In the forthcoming week we expect more vessels to head for the herring as the mackerel season is finished for a number of vessels. We hope to see that the herring also approaches the coastal areas to give smaller vessels an opportunity.

North Sea herring
Three vessels have been looking for the North Sea herring, and came luckily out with altogether 585 MT.
The catches were taken east of Shetland, grid 42-42 and 42-52. And one in Norwegian waters, grid 28-51, the Bergen Bank. In addition it has been taken 35 MT of herring as by-catch by industrial vessels. The size of the herring being used for direct human consumption, was 207 -234 g, taken in EU waters, - and 221 g in Norwegian waters.

Coastal sprat
Some 50 MT of coastal sprat were registered last week. All catches were taken in the Sogne Fjord with an average at 90 pcs/kg in Sogndal municipality and 113 pcs/kg in Lærdal. The reports say little sprat to be observed.

Indirect consumption

In operations for indirect consumption, last week gave 1.240 MT of Norway pout, of which 680 MT were taken in EU waters, 480 MT of blue whiting, 250 MT of argentine, 50 MT of silvery pout, 449 MT of horse mackerel, - and as mentioned above; 35 MT of North Sea herring. As a total for seven vessels; 2.500 MT. 1.820 MT came from the “Edge”.

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