The course of fisheries as per week 44/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

When weather conditions were not too severe last week; good results for Atlanto Scandic herring, - an increasing number of vessels into the North Sea herring fisheries, giving a better result, - and still some mackerel.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As a total, last week’s volume was good, close to 3.800 MT registered. But weather conditions were not the best all week; daily volumes changed from 0 to 12.300 MT. The main part, was taken in the “Loop Sea” (25.800 MT). In addition, 7.100 MT were taken in adjacent areas, in Norwegian waters. The catching has been performed over an extended area in the “Loop Sea”, in west direction, - a bit south of 66°N and 4°W, an in northeast direction; close to 67°N 1°E.  The size varied from 345 – 388 g, with an average at 372 g.
Also, further north at the “Tromsøflaket”, 5 catches were taken, totaling 3.900 MT. This herring was smaller; 212 g as an average.
Of the total quantity of close to 36.800 MT, purse seiners got 32.950 MT, smaller vessels 2.650 MT and 1.200 MT came from Russian trawlers; fish to be temporarily stored in Norway.

North Sea herring
Last week, the number of vessels catching North Sea herring increased, and 3.250 MT were registered, shared on 11 catches. Most of the catching has been carried out close to areas where also the mackerel catching was performed; 50-60 n.m. east of Fair Isle/Sumburgh Head. But some catches have also been taken as far south as 56°N 1°E. On top, some catches have been taken in Norwegian waters, at “Lingbanken”, and some smaller catches by trawl. The size varied from 165 to 210 g, herring from the south most part, being the smallest. Average; 183 g. Some 1.300 MT were taken by trawl, while 1.900 MT were taken by purse.

Again, a week with good results, - some 28.650 MT of mackerel were registered. It was of course foreign trawlers behind these volumes (20.950 MT), - while Norwegian vessels had some 7.700 MT. The catching was again performed southeast of Shetland, both for foreign and Norwegian vessels. Though, foreign vessels are operating a bit more in northwest direction, i.e. they are catching south and southwest of Shetland.
The size of fish from foreign vessels was in the range from 375 – 430 g, while the fish from Norwegian vessels varied from 294 - 410 g. – The average; 392 g from Norwegians, and 404 g from foreigners. - The Norwegian quota is diminishing now, and some 25.000 MT remain incl. the “flex”.
At the coast, two penned-in catches were reported with altogether 15 MT, and with a size from 380-400 g.  Both catches were sold for the fresh catch market.

Horse mackerel
Some vessels were chasing the “horse” last week, but with no result. According to what is told, no catchable observations were made. One small coastal catch (30 MT) was taken just south of Bergen.

Ocean sprat
According to rules and regulations, five vessels were at the field ready for the ocean sprat: - So far; no success.

Indirect consumption
Lest week no catches were reported as indirect consumption. - Just some minor volumes being by-catch.


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