The course of fisheries as per week 46/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

More than 37.000 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring last week -  and some ocean sprat for consumption purposes.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As a total, 96 catches were registered last week totaling 37.102 MT. 49 catches amounting to 29.360 MT were in the size range from 330 - 390 g, caught in the Loop Sea where operations in periods were hampered by the weather. From the field at Kvænangen and northern part of Troms County, 33 catches were taken amounting to 7.269 MT. At the coast of Trøndelag County it has been taken 5 catches totaling 138 MT, - weight from 215 -240 g.
The market for the smallest herring has been very limited, and as better sized herring is available, it has been more or less impossible to sell herring with a size at 220 g. Consequently, some catches have been delivered for indirect consumption at a price from NOK 2,60 – 2,70.

From a total last week of 8.818 MT, 5 foreign vessels contributed with 5.794 MT. The foreign vessels have been operating west of Shetland, while the Norwegian vessels kept their position east of Shetland in EU waters. The size has been in the range from 380 -390 g, with some single catches having mackerel at an average as high as 414 g – and down to 287 g.

North Sea herring
19 catches totaling 5.078 MT. The catches came mainly from two fields; one just east of Shetland, and another further south, near 59°30’N and 0°. From the former field, it was registered a lot of small mackerel being mixed-in. The size has varied from 130 – 180 g, - with 180 g dominating.

Ocean sprat
Two catches amounting to 855 MT registered for meal&oil purposes, and two catches totaling 1.050 MT were registered for consumption purposes, of which 400 MT had acceptable consumption quality. Three vessels are now heading for the field, - and there are quotas left for two more vessels.

Indirect consumption
5 catches of Norway pout, amounting to 580 MT - other species mixed-in, were the outcome last week when keeping apart some herring catches (some 1.400 MT) delivered for meal&oil purposes.


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