The course of fisheries as per week 47/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity for herring in Kvænangen

Atlanto Scandic herring
By volume, we got a good week for Atlanto Scandic herring, totaling 28 800 MT. This was shared on 118 catches, giving an average of 244 MT each catch.
The number of vessels taking part in the Norwegian Sea is getting lower, as more vessels now are terminating fishing due to lack of quotas. In an area, stretching from some 100-200 n.m. west of Træna isles, the total catch was 17 800 MT. This proved to be good sized herring with an average weight in the range from 369 -390 g. Total average; 378 g.
Except a few penned-in catches at Møre and Trøndelag, it is in northern Troms, near Kvænangen, the coastal activity has been high. Here, coastal vessels have caught 10 400 MT.
The size of herring in this area is from 210 g in the low end to 280 g at the best. The average; 250 g. Compared to the same week last year when the average was 217 g, the size is far more attractive this year.
On Monday last week, the Directorate gave dispensation from penning-in, for all vessels below 15 meters. Thus, it is possible to transfer catch directly from purse to transportation vessel. Norges Sildesalgslag is managing this arrangement, which assumes a close dialog between fishermen, transport vessels, controlling authorities and Norges Sildesalgslag.
This arrangement has its upsides; more efficient catching, improved quality, and a safer way for fishermen working in black night with a lot of whales around.
In the forthcoming week, we expect less activity in open sea and high coastal activity in Kvænangen.

We are getting close to an end when it comes to fishing mackerel. Last week we registered just 3 100 MT. Of this volume, the Shetlander vessel, “Research” had as much as 2 200 MT, - the remaining part was shared on 7 Norwegian vessels with catches from 35 – 300 MT.
Last week as well, the operations by Norwegian vessels were carried out southeast of Shetland. In this area Norwegian vessels have been operating for six weeks now. Normally, the fish will migrate westwards in this part of the year. For those few having still some quota left, it would be good if the mackerel keep staying in the area southeast of Shetland.

North Sea herring
Totally 7 300 MT of North Sea herring have been caught last week. This was shared on 3 900 MT for purse seiners, 2 100 MT for different coastal vessels, 600 MT for trawlers and another 600 MT from a foreigner.
The operations have been carried out in EU waters from Fladen and further north to Bressay Shoal, mainly east of the 0⁰ line. The foreign vessel has been operating near Shetland.
Of last week’s volume, 5 200 MT were sold for consumption purposes, and the size of the herring was in the range from 161 -195 g. The remaining volume, 2 100 MT were sold for meal&oil purposes.
Some vessels have still quotas of North Sea herring left, - especially the part to be caught in Norwegian waters. Vessels operating in this area had no success.

Coastal sprat/Ocean sprat
In Sogn, some 70 MT were caught, being penned-in. Also, in the Trondheim Fjord some 70 MT were caught - by bigger coastal vessels.
From the latter area, where there was caught most sprat, the fishermen report sprat to be more widespread now after full moon. In Sogn, the reports are better, and we still hope for some catching in the forthcoming weeks.
From two vessels we registered some 1 000 MT last week, being caught in Dutch sector of the North Sea, - sold for meal&oil.
30th of November is the deadline for vessels (18) licensed to go for sprat this autumn. A possible extra trip will be decided on Saturday the 1. of December.

Horse mackerel
A few bigger vessels have been chasing the horse mackerel from east in the Skagerrak and westwards to off Karmøy Island. The results are disappointing as mainly one Danish vessel got 135 MT in Skagerrak.
At the coast, 7 catches have been taken from Møre and southwards to Hordaland County, totaling 90 MT.

Indirect consumption2 200 MT were caught by six vessels. They were operating in the south part of Fladen.

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