The course of fisheries as per week 48/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity for the North Sea herring, while for Atlanto Scandic herring it is nearly over, - especially for the smaller vessels.


Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week’s catch volume was just the half of what we saw the previous week; 21.800 MT registered. – Some 8.100 MT from purse seiners, some 2.500 MT from trawlers and some 11.200 MT from smaller vessels. The latter group has still 11.200 MT to be shared according to set rules.
The fleet being in operation far out in the Loop Sea, are catching the best sized herring; in the range from 335 - 380 g with an average at 373 g. Herring caught along the coast is smaller, with an average at 212 g. Though, it may be mentioned that along the coast of Trøndelag/Møre, the average is somewhat better; 230 -240 g, and here 500 MT have been taken.
As said above, there has been some catching in the Loop Sea, as far north as close to 69°N and towards the border line of the Jan Mayen zone. The fishing has been approaching the border line every day, and if this is an indication of which direction the herring is migrating, it will be fishing operations inside the Jan Mayen zone shortly.
At the coast, the fleet operates mainly around Skjervøy Island. In periods, the activity has been high, and the fact of transferring vessels being allowed, gives the opportunity to pick up fish directly from the purse, simplifying penning-in operations. Though it is a problem that the transferring capacity is limited - and buyers’ interest for smaller herring is low.

North Sea herring
Some 11.900 MT of North Sea herring was the outcome last week, some 3.500 MT more than the week before. 42 catches taken by 34 different vessels. The catching has been registered from north of Fladen to east of Shetland in the area of Breassay Ground/Bressay hole, grids 42-23, - 33, -43, -44, -52, -53 and 54. In addition there was a smaller catch from a trawler, close to the border of Skagerrak. The size was from 140 -191 g, with an average at 166 g. Of last week’s volume, some 1.000 MT were delivered to meal&oil production. Catches have been sold from Møre up north to Skagen in Denmark.

Five catches amounting to 1.140 MT of mackerel were registered last week. Four were taken by bigger coastal vessels, - the fifth being a purse seiner. The catches have been taken southwest of Shetland, and the size has varied from 360 - 410 g.

Indirect consumption
For indirect consumption, there was just modest volumes last week. 1.235 MT consisting of 675 MT of Norway pout, 140 MT of blue whiting, 145 MT of North Sea herring, 145 MT of silver smelt, and 130 MT of horse mackerel.

Other species
650 MT of ocean sprat were registered last week. A catch of 260 MT was delivered for consumption purposes. The sprat was taken by purse and kept a high quality.
On Thursday night, by midnight, the touring list for sprat catching was abolished, and a few minutes into the 1st of December, a new vessel was heading for the field. The quotas give room for another vessel to join in, in addition to the two vessels already being there.
It was also taken a catch of coastal sprat by purse; 20 MT. This catch was taken in inner Skagerrak and delivered in Sweden.
Six catches of horse mackerel have been penned-in at the southwest coast, amounting to 180 MT. In addition, it was taken a couple of catches by trawl at the “edge”; 180 MT.

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