The course of fisheries as per week 49/2018

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still herring activity in Kvænangen.

Atlanto Scandic herring
As was expected, the weekly volume was reduced last week, and reached a total of 9 000 MT. Of this volume, the main part, 6 300 MT, were taken in Kvænangen by different types of vessels.
The size of the herring in Kvænangen is tending downwards, and in some catches, there has been to some extent grade 5 herring, - < 125 g. The average size was 240 g, with 260 g at the best and 205 g in the low end.
From the Norwegian Sea, just a few vessels have been operating. Five vessels registered 2 800 MT. This volume was taken some 180 n.m. W NW of Værøy island. The herring has been difficult to get as it has been staying too deep for purse. And the trawlers have seen difficulties by getting it “back in the sack”.
As previously this autumn, it is good sized herring in the Norwegian Sea. The size is in the range of some 380 g. - In the forthcoming week, we still expect small volumes of herring.

North Sea herring
When it comes to North Sea herring a total of just 1 450 MT were caught last week. The herring keep on staying in EU waters, and the catches have been taken from Fladen and further north to “Forty Mile Ground”.
In Norwegian waters some vessels have been looking for herring, though with a disappointing result. It is reason to believe that some vessels still will have some quota left by turn of the year.
It is expected that there will be a review of the quota status in the week to come - with possible redistribution.

Coastal sprat/Ocean sprat
From Årdal/Sogn and Fjordane County, it has been reported 35 MT of penned-in sprat. This was sprat by size 120 pcs/kg, well suited for being canned.
From the area off the town of Sandefjord, (Vestfold County), “Spjæringen Senior” got close to 130 MT of good-sized sprat. This sprat was delivered in Sweden, and the size was 45 pcs/kg, a quality splendid for being seasoned.
Four vessels reported 340 MT of ocean sprat, sold for meal&oil purposes. In addition, “Krossøy”, got 200 MT by purse. This catch was sold for consumption purposes at Kalvåg.
It still remains some 1 300 MT of the 10 000 MT quota. Three vessels will be operating for sprat in the forthcoming week.

Horse mackerel
Coastal vessels in west Norway have taken close to 180 MT of horse mackerel. This volume was shared on 13 catches from 2 to 30 MT.
The marked is good, so even small catches give a “decent” income.

Indirect consumption
Indirect consumption fisheries got 2 100 MT of Norway pout in the EU zone. In addition, it has been taken some 120 MT of blue whiting, and some argentine and horse mackerel.

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