The course of fisheries as per week 50/2017

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Christmas coming up affects the activities. But some vessels fishing Atlanto Scandic herring is still in operation.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Some 11.600 MT were registered last week, shared on purse seiners by 3.500 MT, trawlers 830 MT and close to 7.300 MT to the coastal fleet.
Purse seiners and trawlers have been operating in the Norwegian Sea where the catching now is further east than in previous weeks. The catches are mainly taken north of 68°N and 4-6°E, grid 37-10,11, -one trawler catch also from the Loop Sea. Even if the catching area is further east, it is still some distance to the coast; 150-160 n.m. off the island of Røst.
Also, bigger coastal vessels have been operating in this area and 600 MT were taken here. Further some activity in the Kvænangen Fjord and at the coast of Trøndelag; 3.300 + 200 MT.
The coastal fleet is mainly in Kvænangen and here the smaller vessels penned-in 2.500 MT, meant for meal&oil production and some 400 MT were delivered for consumption purposes. As told before, the herring caught at the coast is by smaller size; 210 -220 g, and not so “interesting” for the consumption market. Further south as well, at the coast near Hitra - Frøya islands, there was some fishing for Atlanto Scandic herring. Some 300 MT of herring by size 200-220 g have been penned-in and delivered locally for consumption purposes.
In the forthcoming week, it is still expected some activity far north, both by bigger and smaller coastal vessels.

North Sea herring
Some catches of North Sea herring were taken as well last week; 12 catches totaling some 5.000 MT. The herring was mainly taken southeast of Shetland and was sold both to meal&oil and consumption purposes - both in Norway (2.900 MT for meal&oil) and Denmark (2,100 MT for consumption). There is just a tiny part now remaining of this year’s quota.

Ocean sprat
Two fine catches of ocean sprat were taken last week, totaling 140 MT by size 50 – 70 pcs/kg. Both catches were taken near the town of Kragerø and delivered to a buyer in Sweden.

Other species
Nine penned-in catches by horse mackerel were taken last week being caught in communities of southern part of Hordaland County. The size varied from 420 – 500 g and were sold to be frozen.
One catch of 290 MT of mackerel was taken by a bigger costal vessel last week. This catch was taken west of Shetland and had an average weight of 407 g.

Indirect consumption
Just two catches for indirect consumption last week; one being 400 MT of Norway pout from EU waters, and the other catch was 120 MT of blue whiting/45 MT of silver smelt taken at the “edge”.

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